Top Five Lake Martin Home Features to Keep Love Alive--for Buyers and Sellers

Top Five Lake Martin Home Features to Keep Love Alive--for Buyers and Sellers

February 14, 2017

Style and fashion, they affect housing and lake living just as much as they do clothes. Are you keeping up to date?

It’s been a few months since I did this video, but it’s still appropriate.

#1 Indoors out: Do you have an outdoor area that has the style and comfort of the indoors? It’s my number 1 hot Lake Martin living house feature. You may have heard of bringing the outdoors in. But I see a push to take the indoors out, best in a covered space.
Enjoy a ceiling fan and watch TV while you feel the breeze and look out over the lake. Who says you can’t combine the two. Think “no walls,” which brings me to the next one in my list.

#2 More doors: The more doors you have on the outer perimeter of the house, the easier it is to go in, and also to go out. Lake home owners don’t want any barriers to accessing the wonderful outdoors, no matter where they are in the house. And when you put in those doors, think French doors to let the light in.

#3 Fire pit: One of the great family experiences when camping is roasting hot dogs and marshmallows at the campfire. For Lake Martin residents, the tent and drive is not needed. Put in a fire pit and enjoy the dancing flames and roasted goody foods with your family.

#4 Monotone is in: Many designers will tell you that contrast is an important visual element. I’ve found this true in the popular choice for indoor wall colors at Lake Martin houses. My number 4 hot feature in 2016 is the color white on walls. It’s clean and unobtrusive, which allows the contrasting lake colors take center stage. But in 2017, I've started see more monotone or soothing colors. Remember, the lake is the star.

#5 Sleeping in the wall: In a surprise, something that is coming back, I’m seeing built-in bunks are increasing, and people are liking it. Skipping the need to buy the bed for the teenager, a private-feeling partial enclosure can also have plugs for all that technology, all with taking up much less space.