Selling a Lake Martin House You Don't Own Part II: There's Help

Selling a Lake Martin House You Don't Own Part II: There's Help

May 9, 2017

We recently posted about a common scenario in real estate: selling a home you’ve never lived in. How do you start? What a responsibility!

Let’s dig a little deeper into how I can help you when this happens to you:

You kinda have to start with TRUST.  And that’s never easy, is it?

Oftentimes the home you need to sell is in a different neighborhood, city, or state from where you live...How impossible for you to know the local real estate nuances.

Call me — there’s a good chance I have a connection to a qualified REALTOR® in the area. My real estate coach, Genny Williams, owner of Get A Real Estate Life, has an international web of resources that I tap into constantly.

Once you find a REALTOR®, what will you do with the belongings usually found in the home?  Meet Rachel Williams, owner of ToDo4U. If you are in a pickle of any kind, she’s your fearless friend!

Recently, Rachel assisted a client of mine at selling a Lake Martin house on Blue Creek in Dadeville. It was a 2-hour commute from her home.

Rachel interviewed me about the situation before calling the client (to learn the nature of the job and the dynamics of the situation). She then turned around immediately with a detailed plan and reasonable price--and flew into action. She, together with the family, sorted, culled, and collected. After two days, the home was turnkey ready and a pile of “what do we do with these things?” turned into a hugely successful estate sale.

I can personally vouch for Rachel and her business.  My family moved twice the summer of 2013. I had a 1-year-old baby and a 3-year-old toddler. We moved into an already-furnished home. It was a logistic nightmare.

Rachel slid in to save our sanity all summer. Her system was flawless (as long as I stayed out of the way!) and the speed in which she worked is inspirational (like a busy little bee!). I’ll forever be grateful, and I think you will be, too!