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Love Lake Martin Episode 112

Shock-A-Pond! Have you ever witnessed experts (Southeastern Pond Management) assess a situation? We do, in this episode...featuring biz partners Bill Kinnebrew of Homes by Indianwood and Jeff Lee. Maybe you’ve never understood why title insurance is such an integral part of a real estate closing...RELI shares why. Thanks for watching this episode of the Love Lake Martin show.

Paige Patterson
January 21, 2021
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Love Lake Martin Episode 133

Three Lake Martin hotspots: Peanut Point — Wind Creek — The “Shoals”

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Love Lake Martin Episode 132

✔️Just Listed ✔️Just Sold ✔️Just Built

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Love Lake Martin Episode 131

Have you heard of Harmony Cove? Here’s all you need to know about Lake Martin’s latest & greatest real estate opportunity. Michael Weber knows how to get you financed. Paige invites you on a real estate pontoon cruise.🚤

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Love Lake Martin Episode 129

An historic hotel remodel. Live music at the square. I spy a new venue. Cash vs mortgage w/Weber. Eli at Bay Pines, and the “fanciest” pup on the water…because EVERY dog deserves a lake house!

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Love Lake Martin Episode 128

Crawfish boils. Live music. Cornhole tournaments. Art classes. Trips down the River. Real estate cruises. Refreshing nutrition. Real estate tours and historic low interest rates. Welcome to Summer 2022!

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