My Title: REALTOR®—My 'Job': Matchmaker—The Place: Parker Creek at Lake Martin

April 9, 2017

Meet Cheryl and Jon Ham.  I met them as newlyweds, on the hunt for a waterfront lot as special as their love story.

We “matched” them with a lovely lot on Narrows Point, in the popular pretty waters of Parker Creek, on the West side of Lake Martin. This location proves the benefit of having a knowledgeable LOCAL Realtor. You cannot find the Narrows by GPS...but ask anyone who has spent time on the west side of Lake Martin where it is, and they can take you there by boat.

Nuances like these pop up daily during the process of buying Lake Martin waterfront real estate. Hopefully my 25 years of learning the lake will help with your next endeavor. This is why I am a Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist (RSPS) designated REALTOR®.

After helping Cheryl and Jon find the lot, my next task was to “match” them with a builder; Bill Kinnebrew has been in the business of building homes for almost 4 decades. He’s a mix of creative (and will don a Santa suit in December),
craftsman (3 generations of builders and experts in almost every field) and hippie (in the "everything’s gonna be ok" sense.)

We took our Love Lake Martin cameras and followed Cheryl and Jon’s new construction journey.

We are encountering a shortage of waterfront lots to sell in 2017.  If you’ve considered selling your property, now is the perfect time. Let’s discuss the value of your asset. Almost every property that touches the water on Lake Martin has a set of covenants and restrictions.  Let’s discuss ideas for your property and get a game plan that maximizes your timeline.

If you are searching for a lakefront builder, I can “match” you with a builder . . . as you can see in the video, there are specific requirements you will want of a builder on the water vs. new construction on land.